Human being, become what you are!

Integral Learning

Integral learning' stands as a term for an active human development process, in which all one's own capacities, powers and qualities come into their own in a harmonious and dynamic way, without specialisation. In addition, Integral Learning includes all areas of life as well as the whole nature with its different realms and powers. The reason for this is simple; humanity has its basis of life in the world and in nature, which was and is also the first teacher.

Workshops of Transformation

The human being already carries within himself the instruments for three arts. They are the arts of song, speech and dance.

They can be unfolded as different arts to the outside world and can thus please people. And those who have shown their art may reap joy and gratitude according to their artistic abilities.


If, however, someone exercises his art and is quite practiced and educated in it, but in the further course of his career, only uses it without lively inner participation, then it loses its value, meaning and strength.

The arts are the expression of the human being and his consciousness.


The arts, especially the three that are created directly by the human organism, were originally direct expressions of adventures, insights, experiences and willpower. People shared their experiences with one another, by dancing, speaking and singing. Acting was born out of ritual dancing, calling and singing. This fourth art arose from the interaction of the described 'three'. The people were there with their whole being, so the arts had an effect on the whole person.


The being was moved and transformed.


So, intimately connected with these gifts, we now gain the arts as teachers in the integral learning process.

The Way behind the Ways






Sarvajñana Vijñana Yoga


Inside the earthly human being, still hidden in the sheaths of the body, life energy field and soul, the spiritual light structure of the I AM - which is not from this world, but from the cosmic tradition - has transformed in the course of development on earth towards maturation. This means, among other things, that today it has become easier for the majority of mankind to attain the high levels of development of the masters who preceded them on the way!

The hidden, wise and knowing core of the being, the True I, can take over the guidance, if the soul learns to trustingly listen to how the path of life can go further in the respective present situation!


"I am the truth, the way and the life!


Celtic: Follow the deer on the way behind the ways ...

Identity and identification

Selbste und Projektionen

Studienkreise, Mai 1998, Shin

The deep desire for peace and happiness is rooted in the depths of the human being. For the true identity of man, peace, harmony, love and happiness would be natural and self-evident. By wrong identification with certain points of stimulation in the life of the soul, the human being is pulled out of his actual creative center and will live as his apparent self, which, however, cannot come to everlasting love and peace.


If a person separates himself from his illusory self and returns to his actual centre on the way behind the ways, an indescribable peace can increasingly or suddenly unfold from his innermost being. People who have merged with their true divine core are able to realize this free peace on earth. From their now mature divinity they will heal the earth and lead humanity into a future worthy of them.

Kundalini and light-structure

Since Kundalini has built and shaped your organism with full knowledge of the blueprint, you can also trust that with her help you can renew, harmonise and heal yourself. All you have to do is find the right way and an attentive method of agreement and interplay.


Since this intelligent, sensitive, creative energy has also gifted itself and entered into your abilities, gifts and powers, you can also make sensitive contact with Kundalini through your thinking activity, your moods, feelings and even through your will energy, in order to enter into such an agreement and a mutual game of transformation and unfolding.


This stream of light and fire of life and consciousness is not subject to your temporary day-self. It belongs only to your true, immortal identity, which is also characterized in the Word:




Kundalini only listens to the impulse and instruction of the I kernel and to universal consciousness.


This is because your Kundalini is the feminine energy of the masculine core that is poured out throughout your being and that serves everywhere. You are able, newly awakened through this knowledge to enter into an attentive understanding with Kundalini. Here initiation takes place quietly and in simplicity.

The kernel I Self is a living, radiant center of the nature of the suns. It consists of the highest creative energy as the seed of God. The Kundalini, which is collected in the solar core, is one of the most intensive, powerful energies. You are yourself an I-Conscious Kundalini center, a divine seedling. This one lives constantly in the NOW and is Himself eternity in the present!


The Kundalini energy which is poured out in the whole organism during lifetimes and which is present in all areas of the being, lives in time and works in space. It is thus expanded. Yes, even in consciousness, in the whole soul it is airily distributed. Knowing this, you can again make contact with it through alignment, i.e. touch of a subtle kind. All this is already true in the usual state of human life.


With its gathering of power in the pelvis and in the lowest region of the vertebra, it forms a second energy pole in the body to the seat of the star of the I in the area of the head.


This knowledge already gives you keys for the approach to your kernel being. The goal of the human I and the Kundalini is:

Nuclear Fusion


God realization


To follow the Kundalini is to heal.

Bhairava Tantra

Bhairava Tantra is the living teaching of the art of the highest possible union of love. It is the essence-embracing and essence-fulfilling union from which the human being emerges as a mature, free creator spirit.

The mighty creative energy rises in the organism as a whole - purifying, ennobling, and transforming - to finally fully unite with the eternal kernel of being.

Tantra is the way of unification.

Since high love leads to the realisation of the essence of lovers, it is tantric in nature.  But Bhairava-Tantra is the highest union of the Goddess and the God. Appearance and disappearance of creation happen by this love.

Bhairava-Tantra for the human being on the spiritual path means ascent to the highest merging of being and revelation of divine consciousness.

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